Covid-19 Guidlines

Due to the impact of the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have been asked by Woodlarks Campsite Trust to make some reasonable adjustments to ensure that Odyssians 2022 is as covid secure as possible.

In order to attend camp this year all campers and helpers and must be fully vaccinated or provide details of medical exemption.

All campers and helpers must undertake a covid-19 test 24 hours before travelling to camp, and refrain from coming to camp if testing positive.

In the event of illness campers and helpers may be required to leave camp within 24 hours to care home/residence, and will need to make arrangements for this possibility.

Campers and helpers also need to ensure they are aware and complete any testing required to return to their care home/residence and, in the event they would be refused return, have alternative arrangements in place.

In the event campers or helpers are unable to attend camp due to testing positive for covid, Odyssians will provide part refund of fees paid. This will be commensurate with the amount of money we can recover.

Covid-19 guidelines are subject to change with prevailing government advice and Woodlarks Trust policy, we will alway endeavour to provide as much advance warning as possible to changes to policy.