Apply 2024

Applications for Odyssians 2024 are now open!

After too long away from friends we are really excited to announce that Odyssians is once again running in 2024.

The dates for camp this year are
Saturday 24th August – Saturday 31st

Camp fees for 2024 will be £240. A lot of consideration has gone into the decision to raise fees this year, and there are several reasons why we have come to this decision.

First of all, this is still excellent value for money – in the previous few years, it has cost Odyssians significantly more than £240 per person to run camp, and even more than that to do the day-to-day running of the Charity. Unfortunately, with prices rising across the board for all aspects of the holiday, we have been unable to keep our prices as low as they have been previously.

If the cost change is giving you cause for alarm, please do remember that the Friendship Fund is also available to help – please just highlight on the payment options part of the form that you’d like to be contacted to discuss alternate arrangements.

Early Bird Helper Discount

As we have held camp fees low this year for everyone – we have decided not to continue the early bird discount rate into year.

Apply Now

Before you begin filling in the form, you will need to have:

  • Details of two Emergency Contacts for the week of Camp
  • Details of your medical and dietary needs
  • For new applicants, details of up to 2 independent people to provide references

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