What to Bring

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Fancy dress
Please make or bring a costume inspired by our theme to wear on the last evening of camp. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just whatever party wear you have.

No nuts
At least one of us is allergic to nuts. Please don’t bring any nuts or anything containing nuts to camp. So no peanuts, Snickers bars or Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut bars, sorry. Ginger nuts and coconuts are probably safe.

Jacket (waterproof)
Jumpers or fleeces
Shirts can help if you are sun-sensitive
Sun hat
T shirts, some long sleeved if you are sun-sensitive

Pyjamas – these are very important because we often dress in pyjamas all day long, either for a day out or for a film night in our pyjamas.
Pillow and pillowcase
(mattresses are provided)
Sleeping bag or duvet and bottom sheet to cover the matress
An extra blanket to keep you toasty-warm in bed (or to put over your legs if we are out in the evenings)
Tent, if you have one

Mobility Kit
If you have an electric wheelchair, don’t forget your battery charger and a manual wheelchair for backup.
Hoist sling (sorry, we do not provide these)
Slide Sheet (if you have one)
Please put your name on ALL bits of kit you bring to camp to help us ensure you take them home again. If you have a mobility or developmental impairment which means you can’t check your own luggage, please bring a checklist of your things and give it to your team leader when you arrive. This will help us keep all your stuff together.

Mobile phone and charger, both labelled with your name (we have electrical sockets)
Torch and spare batteries
Two Towels (one for showering and one for swimming)
adapted cutlery if used, if you use a straw for drinking, please bring a supply of your own (none provided at camp)

Wash kit
Flip flops to get to and from the showers
Insect repellent
Lip salve
Personal medication, labelled with your name
Your own urine bottle if required, camp no longer provides disposable ones
Sun cream
Wet wipes. We have showers, but they get busy in the mornings so these are great to freshen up.
Enough sanitary wear for the week

Your food and activities are included in your camp fees, so you don’t need to bring money. But you might want to bring a little extra to pay for souvenirs and treats, especially if we go off site. We can keep your money in our small safe but we don’t have enough space for things like cameras and phones, which you bring at your own risk.

If you have an impairment which makes it difficult for you to identify your own property, please label everything you bring, including your own clothing, with your name to help us reunite you with your stuff.

Even if you can identify your own stuff, please consider labelling things like phone chargers with your name to help you find them.

If you drink alcohol and can drink responsibly, please feel free to bring your own beer or wine. If you’re under 18 or unable to make your own decisions about alcohol, we’ll ask you to get permission before we permit you to drink it. We’re happy for your parent, guardian or carer to tell us about any limits or supervision you might need too.